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Nickname: Vicky/Vikki

Country: England

Age: 18

Status..totally and utterly single!

Fave Ep: i haven't seen all the ep's which have aired in America, but

Dreamland was pretty amazing! it was hilarious and shippy at the same


Shipper: i have been a shipper since i first watched the show..back in

season2! i saw how Mulder reacted to her abduction..what more proof do

you need that they belong together?!

Fave character: Scully

Fanfic...i'm addicted to fanfic! i am co-owner of a fanfic archive "Romo

and ANgST" with Sherrie. i also love Badfic...that really cracks me up!

i recommend all the stories on our webpage! or anything at all by Leia!

my icq number is 29314206 - if anyone ever wants to chat xfiles!!!!