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Hi! This is Taryn, I've been a regular poster at Gertie's Shipper Friendly
X-Files Message Board for several months now, close to a year I guess! I
in Arkansas (home of the 'Good People, Good Food' ep - LOL! can anybody
name it?) I'm 25, happily married, and just had a baby girl named *tee hee*

DANA in Dec 1998. (Yes that was intentional! I dooo love the X-Files!

My favorite X-Files episode, geez! So many to choose from! How about we
this plural? {deep breath} Pusher, Paper Hearts, One Breath, Redux II,
Tithonus, Momento Mori, Syzygy. Whew! There's more but that'll do for

I'm sure you can tell from the above list that I'm a 'shipper. I was first
that Mulder and Scully were *made for each other* (that sounds sappy
doesn't it? but how else do you cover it?!?) when I watched Syzygy for the first time, which
was also one of the first eps I remember watching. I KNEW from the way
was acting that she was jealous of Detective White, but hubby thought I was
nuts. HA! Shows what he knows!

My most favorite character is Scully, but I adore the Lone Gunmen! I love
the eps
that they are in, because they're so darn funny!

I love to read fanfic, and I'm partial to *blush* NC-17 stuff. Hey, I'm a
married woman!
LOL! I think I like it because I know it's something we're not very
likely to see happen
on the show and that makes it a little exciting. (OK, so that's not all
that makes it
exciting but we don't have to go there.) I also love to read good solid
pieces. If I can't even come close to imagining it happening on the show
then I don't
usually want to bother with it. A fanfic has to be very VERY well written
for me to
enjoy it otherwise.

Some fave fanfics of mine would be *anything* written by Paula Graves/Anne
She rocks!!! Also a wonderful work in progress is Facing Janus. It's a
work and right now I can't remember all of the authors but I do know
JenRose and
Dawson Rambo are both contributors. All of Dawson Rambo's stuff is good
too -
my fave is ELS. Good solid X-File with lots of 'shippiness thrown in!
Another really
good one I just read this week is Friends Even in Childhood by Penny Danza.
manages to combine good solid characterization with a surprisingly
non-canon background story on Mulder and Scully's time together BEFORE the
Trust me, you have to read it to believe it!

My ICQ # is 3637431 and I love to chat about the X-Files if you want to
give me a