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Hello! Thank you for coming to this Page. This is the
future home of a compilation of profiles of the regulars that post
to Gerties 'Shipper Message Board.

Go here to see the profiles
I've added so far.

For now, I'm going to put a list of questions that I would like
you to answer and send the answers to me by e-mail if you are
interested in becoming a part of this.
If you do not feel comfortable with a question because you feel
it's too personal, then don't answer it. This is here so that we
can all get to know each other better. :)
Anyway, here are the questions: Submit your answers to me through my

Your name/nicname (required)

What country/state do you live in?

How old are you?

Are you married, do you have
children of your own?

What's your favourite episode? Why?

When and why did you become a 'shipper/anti-shipper?

Who is your favourite character?

Do you read fanfic? What kind?

Do you have a fanfic recomendation?

And anything else you think you'd
like to include.

Romo and ANgST Archive