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Your name/nicname (required)
My friends call me Sherrie, but my name is Sherrie Lynn.

What country/state do you live in?
I currently live in Toronto, Canada. But I was born in Germany, and spent a great
deal of my childhood there.

How old are you?
I am 19 years old.

Are you married, do you have
children of your own?
I am not married, and absolutely NO children anywhere in atleast 10
years. I am dating this REALLY great guy though....

What's your favourite episode? Why?
Hmmmm....Used to be Clyde Bruckmans final Repose, But now I'd have to say,
in no particular order, of course: Triangle (WOW!!),
Dreamland I & II, and Monday, cause I got to see DD without a shirt(!)

When and why did you become a 'shipper/anti-shipper?
That would be the very secound episode I saw. I think that was
Small Potatoes, and I could just, tell, you know? They were meant for each other!
I just didn't know that there were other people that were like me. Until
I was browsing around the internet one day...
And the rest as they say, is history. :)

Who is your favourite character?
Mulder. Without question. Sometimes you want to kick his a@@,
but what a fine a@@ is is...;)

Do you read fanfic? What kind?
Yes! Lots of it! MSR, I hate UST, we get enough of it on the show. And I don't like
Angst either. I've been known to read quite a bit of fluff in my day too.

Do you have a fanfic recomendation?
Anything by Brownie

And anything else you think you'd like to include.
Hmmm....Well, I finally got this page up! I know it took awhile, but thanks
to everybody who sent in your profiles!
Hope you all enjoy getting to know more about each other!