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Name: Lister (

Country:Canada. Living in Ontario. Originally from Montreal, Quebec.

Age: 22

Status: Newly married. No children yet but 1 cat, 1 hedgehog and a guinea
pig named Spooky !

Favorite Episode: It is too hard to chose one. I loved Paper Hearts, Memento
Mori and Redux I & II for their angst and emotion and Bad Blood and Jose
Chung's from Outer Space for their wit.

I was a shipper from the first time I saw an episode (middle of the fourth
season). I think I am because Mulder & Scully seem to be perfectly suited to
each other and it is obvious that they truly love each other despite them
keeping their relationship platonic. I personally would like to see them get
together at the end of the series. Until then I think it is interesting to
watch them struggle with their emotions.

Mulder and Scully are my favorite characters and I like them both equally.
That being said Alex Krychek comes a close second.

Fanfic: My favorites tend to be one with deal with the conspiracy. I love
the original ways many authors have dealt with and evolved the ideas of
abductions, the cancer, Emily, colonization and the role of the syndicate.
The perfect fanfic for me involves UST, angst, adventure and great
characterizations of Mulder & Scully. I tend to enjoy reading the really
long ones.
Recommendations: I can not remember the author's names but the titles of
some memorable ones are
1.Soap & Eggs (series)-> Mulder & Scully on the run (separately) as they
struggle to find discover the conspiracy and find peace and security for
themselves to be together.
2. Hide & Seek -> A suspenseful adventure which would have made a better
plot for Fight the Future than the actual movie.
3. All Hallows Eve (series)-> a well thought out alternate universe series
which deals with the lengths M & S go to stay together.
4.Eralona's Heart-> This is the first one I ever read. It ties in a M & S
romance, an exotic X-File and the Cancer mytharc.
5. My Way or the Highway-> An erotic road trip which deals with an
interesting relationships between Scully & Krychek and Scully & Mulder.
Excellent characterizations.

I would just like to say how much I enjoy participating in this message
board. It is a great place to share our opinions and shipper musings.