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Your name/nicname (required)
Leia or (Jaime Lyn--as I am known in the fanfic world) Leia is my hebrew
name (on my hebrew birth certificate) and long time nickname (though
usually, "princess" preceeds it--although now I forget who started that...)
and Jaime Lyn is my american name. (But yes, I am am american born and
everything. Native New Yorker who now resides in Florida...Go Knicks! Go
Panthers! *grin*)

What country/state do you live in?

I think I just answered that one... lol. I live in the US. Florida, right
now---soon to be Orlando. (woo-hoo--land of Mickey and too many tourists--HA
How old are you?
19---legal for everything except drinking. I can smoke, vote, fight and get
killed in a world war, but I can't drink. Isn't life ironic sometimes?

Are you married, do you have
children of your own?
Nope, and I don't plan on it. I'm pretty career-goal oriented.

What's your favourite episode? Why?
Oh my gosh--that's a hard one. I have favorite ones for different
"Triangle": When I need a shipper pick me up (and a laugh) You know how many
times I've watched that kiss??
"Bad Blood": When I just need to laugh. I LOVE that one. I know all the
"Memento Mori": It's just a beautifully written episode, not to mention
that Gillian is a brilliant actress--- and it really shows here. "One
Breath" and "Redux II" for the same reasons.
"Ice": I always watch it when I cuddle up in my PJ's and turn all the lights
off. It was the first "spooky" episode I had ever watched, and I watched it
right before a big competition the next day---it was great.

When and why did you become a 'shipper/anti-shipper?
Always a shipper--right from the beginning. (Which, for me, was when FX
started re-running all the eps during the pre-5th season hiatus.--I never
had time to watch it before then, though I really wanted to.) I saw "The
Pilot" the night before my first day of school my senior year (high school.)
I was nervous and getting all my things together, and I just so happened to
have FX's "debut of the X Files" on the TV. Anyhow, I was mezmerized and I
couldn't wait to see another episode the next day. I loved it. The FIRST
thing I noticed was how well Mulder and Scully "clicked." The feeling grew
as I watched more episodes.

Who is your favourite character?
Scully. hands down, Scully. She reminds me a little of myself, and so I
love that I can identify with that. (half of me is SO Scully, skeptic and
strong---never crying, etc, and the other half is more like her alter-ego,
Gillian Anderson. Telling stories and jokes, lighthearted when I want to be,
yet very guarded and private.)

Do you read fanfic? What kind?
Of course I read fanfic!!! *grin* I LOVE anything by Karen Rasche, Jill
Selby, Kelli Rocherolle, and Rachel Howard. One of the BEST fics out there
is "Road To Nowhere." It's like an epic. But there are so many others--I
could go on and on... But of course, any MSRs, I read... *grin*

Do you have a fanfic recomendation?
Oh gosh... so many...Ummm... "Antidote" by Karen Rasche and Rachel Howard.
"The Forgotten Ones," (I forget the author) "Carnac Obsessions," "ELS" by
Dawson Rambo, "Paper Saints" By Jill Selby (Ok, so it's not finished, but
it's damn good...) "The Offspring" by Kelli Rocherolle, oh gosh, I know I'm
leaving some out--if I am, forgive me...

And anything else you think you'd
like to include.
Ok, details about me:
What to include... ummm... Well, I have light green eyes and auburn
(chameleon--as my friends call it, because it gets lighter during the
summer) hair. I'm fairly short (wish I were taller--when I shop, the size
2's are always either ripped, stained or gone---not that I can ever reach
them anyways----lol) I'm also a twirler (Color guard---if there are any
"band groupies" out there who know what that is,) I maintain a web page (or
I USUALLY do... right now it's undergoing, umm... renovations, I guess you
could say,) I write fanfic (if you've read "A Simple Kiss" or "The Way I Saw
It," two of my more popular ones, then you know that,) I'm currently a psych
major who is considering changing her major to creative writing...and
ummm.... let's see... Oh! I know! One of the coolest things that's ever
happened to me happened the other day. I was walking down the street, and
someone stopped me because they thought I looked exactly like
"Scully--what's her face--That woman on the X files." (the way they put it)
I was flattered, to say the LEAST, and I thought that was very cool.

Well, there's really nothing else to say. I hope everyone gives Gertie (and
the wonderful Sherrie) a hand for maintaining this page as well as they have
been... *grin*