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1) Karen/CA
2)California, USA
4)married, no kids
5)There are so many good episodes its hard to choose, so I have to say
"Redux II". Its the episode I'll watch over and over again, the writing
and acting is just so wonderful, you can really get a sense of their
emotions and feelings for each other throughout the episode!
6)I wasn't even an X-Files fan really, hubby watched and I barely paid
attention, then I saw "Small Potatoes" and became a fan and 'shipper
then and there!
7) Too hard to choose! Mulder and Scully equally!
8)Yes. MSR and humor mainly
9)well, of couse everyone should read Paula Graves'/Anne Haynes' stories
"12 Rites of Passage" and "12 Degrees of Separation"! And the works of
Dawson Rambo, particularly "Umbra"
10)Visit my X-Files links page!