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Your name/nicname (required)
Spooky Chick

What country/state do you live in?
California, USA

Are you married, do you have children of your own?
Nope! I'm single and proud!! lol!

What's your favourite episode? Why?
My all-time fave is "Triangle"! This is simply because it's the
shippiest ep. I have EVER seen! The last scene ... ::sigh:: ;)
My 2nd fave is "Small Potatoes" ('shippy, well written, and incredibly
funny!) and my 3rd is "Detour" (again because of the 'ship!).
"Do you see a pattern emerging here, Scully?" *grin*

When and why did you become a 'shipper/anti-shipper?
I'm a 'shipper (as you can probably tell from my above response!)
and I think I was one from the first time I saw the show
("Redux"/"Redux II"). I remember watching "Redux II" and thinking to
myself, "Wow, are Mulder and Scully a couple?!", because in those
hospital scenes, it sure seemed that way! And once I came on the
'net, and actually found other ppl who thought the same way I did,
well then there was no turning back. lol!

Who is your favourite character?
I'd have to say, Mulder! Because he is so sweet and if I ever met a
guy like that IRL ... whoa! ;) Mulder is followed closely by my boy,
Frohike!! He's the funniest guy, I love him!

Do you read fanfic? What kind?
Not too often, but once in awhile I'll read some. I like MSR (well,
of course!), and mostly anything as long as it's not NC-17 (those
stories just aren't for me)!

Do you have a fanfic recomendation?
Nope! But if you have any for me, please let me know! ;)

A shameless plug: My homepage! :)