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Agent Ship'

Name: Agent Ship'

State: Seattle, Washington

Age: 28

Marrage: Totally in love, married for six years. He's an x-phile too,
and a shipper! We were friends for all of our life so we understand the
entire UST thing! ;) He's a docotor, and I'm a writer and teacher of
inner city schools. (You didn't ask but I figured I'd say anyway.) Had
a wonderful, gorgeous son that was the light of our life, who died of
cancer at the age of four.

Episode: Oh,I just can't choose a favorite. *This* season probably

Shipper statis: Of course, but totally friendly with nonshippers,
doesn't matter as long as you are an X-phile, it's the weirdos that
aren't that I don't get! Have been since the beginning. Husband got me
watching four years ago.

Character: I love Skinner. Between Mulder and Scully, probably Scully
but ya gotta love them both!

Fanfic: YES!!! If you go to Gerties fanfic page you will see my taste,
it's hers exactly. NC-17 with *LOTS* off angst.

No recommendations now, except to go to Gertie's fanfic page. It's my
favorite archive on the net!